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Hydrate Plus

During training in warmer weather - or indoor - our rate of fluid loss increases. So we need to increase our focus on hydration and electrolyte replacement. And as every endurance athlete knows we also need to maintain our energy levels. This is where Elivar ‘Hydrate Plus’ comes in.

Combining sustained release carbs with optimum levels of Sodium, Phosphorus and Potassium this high performance isotonic energy drink will help keep you fueled with the right type of energy and support hydration so you can Stay The Distance during your training or racing.

Why the sustained release carb?  Most energy products consist of high glycaemic index (GI) sugars which can cause indigestion as they pass through the stomach and blood sugar spikes & crashes when they enter the blood stream. Hardly the way you want to treat your body!

We don’t think it’s good to have those spikes, or see the point of consuming sugar the body can’t use.  You won’t go any faster, and it’s stored as fat.  That’s why we use a blend of carbs that delivers sustained release energy.