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Team Elivar Recommends CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Capsules

August 26, 2016

Team Elivar Recommends CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Capsules

Is This Actually Good For Me?

At Elivar HQ we're all about performance and health.

As triathletes, cyclists and swimmers we are always asking questions of the products we take in support of our healthy lifestyle: "Is this actually good for me?"

That question led us to Elivar in the first place. We found the existing sports nutrition products in the market were developed for short term performance and didn't support a long term approach to health & wellness.

We developed the Elivar range of products to work with us - not against us. Whether it's our use of sustained release energy sources to avoid blood sugar issues and stomach upset, bespoke blends of proteins to support longer recovery periods or the additional of essential vitamins & minerals tailored to our age group.

What Happens When The Answer is "YES"?

Sometimes the answer to the question "Is this actually good for me?" is "YES!". There are a number of products which can play an important and useful part as supplements to our diets in support of our performance and health goals.

TEAM ELIVAR has carefully selected a small number of trusted brands that we believe can deliver long term performance and health benefits to athletes over 35. 

CurraNZ is one of those trusted brands - used by us and many of our Featured Athletes to supplement our sporting performance and general well-being.

What's So Special About New Zealand Blackcurrants?

Health Benefits

New Zealand Blackcurrants - Superfood!Rich in health-promoting compounds called anthocyanins, New Zealand blackcurrants are prized because of their incredible nutrient density. The strong ultra-violet light in the Southern Hemisphere stimulates the fruit into producing greater concentrations of these plant pigments, which act as the fruit's sunscreen.

Blackcurrant anthocyanins are an important 'functional food' that may help to keep the brain healthy as we age and support cardiovascular health. 

Performance Benefits

There have been a number of studies of the effects of blackcurrant intake in endurance athletes, most notably a University of Chichester study* on 14 males in a double-blind, cross-over, randomized trial which tested the effect of seven days’ of 300 mg CurraNZ blackcurrant supplement on fat oxidation and cycling performance. 

Lab TestsThe recruited cyclists and triathletes (average age 38 years old) saw higher rates of whole-body fat oxidation of 15% and 27% at low and moderate exercise intensities. They also experienced faster time trial completion times by on average 2.4% with individual improvements of up to 8.6% when tasked with a short duration 16 km time trial.

The study concluded that there was evidence of a significant performance effect from short-duration intake of CurraNZ NZ blackcurrant extract supplement.




CurraNZ - 30 capsules

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 * New Zealand blackcurrant extract improves cycling performance and fat oxidation in cyclists Willems ME1, Myers SD, Gault ML, Cook MD. Published by the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, August 2015

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