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21 Things They Should Have Told Me Before I Got Into Age Group Triathlon

May 01, 2016

21 Things They Should Have Told Me Before I Got Into Age Group Triathlon

Elivar Featured Athlete, David Horne, shares some thoughts on the Triathlon bug.

  1. Triathlon is more addictive than the most addictive substances known to mankind – or at least it seems that way. I wish someone had warned me of the buzz you get after crossing the finishing line, then shortly after asking yourself when the next race is.
  2. The amount of money spent on gear could probably have bought me a decent top of the range sports car.
  3. You don’t eat, you fuel.
  4. Your appetite will become so enormous that you will develop the ability to polish off two full roast dinners back to back and not put any weight on.
  5. Every hour of your day is planned. Any free opportunity to train is exploited.  So much so that you will carry your run and swim kit in the back of your car.  A lunch-time meeting cancelled at the last minute is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a decent 15 x 100m set at your local pool.  Nobody will notice you're gone. 
  6. Training Peaks will become your best friend.
  7. If you are a bloke, you will ask your wife for advice on the best products for shaving your legs.  You will  eventually understand the pros and cons of using Veet over razor blades.
  8. You will have no qualms at all about strutting your stuff in tight lycra tri-suits with your bits out.
  9. You will come to realise that carbon fibre is the greatest material invented by man.
  10. You will become fixated with power levels and watts.
  11. Aero is best.
  12. You will get tired, very tired (through all the training) – you will appreciate the true meaning of tiredness.
  13. You will think nothing about knocking out an hour and half bike run brick session.  You will discover that runners or cyclists think you are crazy for doing this and will never attempt to do this if their life or their families life’s depended on it.
  14. At work, your non-triathlon colleagues, will ‘not get it’, they will not understand why you do triathlon.  There is no point in trying to explain or justify what you do.  It will just be a waste of time.
  15. Your priorities in life will change, work (where possible) will take second place to training and racing. 
  16. You will find yourself practicing putting your running shoes and bike helmet on and off several times, usually in a hotel room the night before a race.
  17. You will think nothing of setting your alarm for a 5:30 call to get in an hours training before work or for a 6:30 am race start.
  18. Triathlon will take you on an amazing adventure.
  19. You will pray to the Triathlon Gods.
  20. You will discover that it is the friendliest sport in the world and you will meet many positive and like-minded people a long the way, some of which will become lifetime friends.
  21. You will become a bad-ass.

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