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September 20, 2015


Elivar RECOVER was awarded a SILVER AWARD by Men’s Running magazine as part of their 2015 Product Awards.

Over 50 testers were asked by Men’s Running to score products under 4 category headings –

– Value for money
– Ease of use/Fit for purpose
– Practicality
– Quality

It takes longer to recover as we age. That’s just a fact.


Elivar RECOVER has been designed to support recovery for athletes over 35. 
  • Unique 1:1 blend of Carbs to Protein. 
  • Delivers more protein per serving (28g) then “younger” alternatives.
  • Combines Whey (quick release) and Casein (slow release) to ensure you have proteins available in your system over a longer period after training.

It Works!

65% of our customers told us they “recovered better and with less aches and pains” when using Elivar rather than their previous brand.

RECOVER – available in 900g Tubs or Single Serving sachets. Chocolate and Strawberry flavours.

About Elivar

Elivar – Sports Nutrition optimised for athletes over 35 year old. Our bodies change as we age, so should our sports nutrition. Try our Weekend Endurance Pack – fuel a weekend’s training with a selection of our Endure, Recover and Hydrate products for only £12.99 Try Now

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