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July 31, 2014


As part of our recent partnership with the Dallaglio Cycle Slam competition winner Niall Todd won a place to cycle part of the UK stage, the route taken just days later by the Tour de France from Leeds to Harrogate. Here he tells us how he got on…

Slam Rider - Neil Todd

“June was always going to be a busy month, both on and off the bike – a few TTs in the series I’m competing in, plus the small matter of the Dallaglio Cycle Slam taking on the Tour de France first stage up in sunny (actually!) Yorkshire – all with the usual juggling act of home and work life – busy times.

After a lovely Cornish ride at the beginning of the month, I was off to Milan for 185 miles of Milan-San Remo. Back home, I was then off to Yorkshire to join the Dallaglio Cycle Slam riders who were about to embark on the first stage of the UK leg of their challenge, from Leeds to Harrogate.

Sneaky Half


Thanks to winning an Elivar competition I was lucky to be doing this with Lawrence Dallaglio and his gang. A great bunch of people, a fun day and what a route! This was the 4th stage riding the big hills in Europe. I could only make the one day but what a great day it was! 

The emphasis very much on enjoying the ride, something I often don’t make enough effort to do, so there was almost as much riding as the occasional cheeky half (Black Sheep being the winner for me!). 

The weather was perfect, the company was top notch and Yorkshire looked well set for the Tour de France which, as I type, was up that way just a few days ago and looked AMAZING!

Lawrence Endures the Slam

And what of Elivar in all this? What I am most definitely NOT is an elite athlete, barely an athlete at all if I’m honest! I’m 37 now and took up cycling just over two years ago due to the weight getting a tad out of control. Some decent equipment, a decent training plan and I’ve nearly dropped four stones and am starting to hold my own among those I consider ‘good’.

In terms of the equipment, I tend to research the hell out every purchase beforehand, then aim to ‘test’ it, albeit unscientifically, sometimes. In terms of Elivar (Endure, initially) this was a series of early morning rides – generally 2-4 hours which were a mixture of fasted rides, Elivar-fuelled and other sports nutrition – aim of the game was always to get near to fatigue levels and note how each session felt. It wasn’t long until I was sold on Elivar, to the point now where I consider it an integral part of my equipment. I don’t go near a long ride without at least Prepare and Endure.

My advice to others is simply ‘just try it’.” Neil Todd, July 2014

About the Dallaglio Cycle Slam

About Elivar

Elivar – Sports Nutrition optimised for athletes over 35 year old. Our bodies change as we age, so should our sports nutrition.

Elivar was proud to support the Dallaglio Cycle Slam by providing our range of Sports Nutrition to Lawrence and his team of core riders, helping them to Stay The Distance.

Try our Weekend Endurance Pack – fuel a weekend’s training with a selection of our Endure, Recover and Hydrate products.

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